How To Get Help With Technology

If you need technology to do your work better, your team can help you to find what you need and help you to use it. There are many resources to help you and your team learn more about technology that can help you get a job. Below are just a few examples:

  • Ohio Employment First has created some lessons about technology for employment. Some of these videos are mainly for employment professionals so that they can better understand how to help with technology. You may want to use some of the information in these lessons. Watch these Provider Support Training videos here.
  • This resource lists information about many different apps. It also has information about how to pick the app that is right for you. View the resource here.
  • This website has apps to help you get a job
  • The Job Accomodation Network has a lot of information about technology for employment
  • Power Up What Works is focused on technology for students and their teams, but can be helpful for any job seeker and team