The Job Interview

In an interview, you will tell a future boss why you would be good for the job, what makes you special, and how you can make their business better. For an example of what a good and bad interview may look like, check out these videos from Skills to Pay the Bills.

Not every job needs an interview. There are many other ways to show that you can do a job. These ways include internships, discovery, or even using technology to show what you can do!

Internship - An internship is a period of time where you work for an employer without being paid so that they can see how you work and you can see how you like the job. Many internships end with an offer of paid employment.

Technological Aids - If you are worried about communicating your skills during an interview, you can use email, video, assistive devices, or even an iPad to help you. That way, you can be confident that you are telling an employer everything you need to.