Workplace Relationships

When you are at work and in the community, you will meet new people. Most of these people will be friendly, safe and fair with you. You will be friendly, safe, and fair with them, too.

There are different types of relationships in the community and at work:

  • You may become friends with some of the people.
  • You will have some people you get along with very well.
  • You may have people that you do not spend much time with.
  • You might meet people who do not have the same interests.
  • You might meet or work with someone who you think is annoying, rude, or disrespectful.
  • It is typical to have coworkers and bosses that are not your best friend.
  • Some people may make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe. You might meet or work with people who are very unfair or who bother you on purpose. This is not typical, safe, or healthy.