Staying Safe Online

There are tips for being your best and staying safe while being on the internet:

  • Never reveal personal information online because many people can see what you put online. Personal information includes your birthday, social security number, address, and phone number.
  • Install security filters. These are different programs or apps that can block some of the harmful things people do.
  • Keep copies of inappropriate messages that are sent to you and show them to a trusted person
  • Don’t post anything you would be embarrassed for others to see
  • Be careful about what you post. Your boss or future employer and other people who know you will see what you post.
  • Be considerate of others. If you message someone and they do not respond, don’t continue to send a lot of messages to them.
  • Don’t post pictures or personal information about other people without their permission
  • If someone asks you to remove a post about them, you should remove it.
  • Be careful about how much "venting" or "complaining" you do online, and try not to complain about other people.
  • You should not be using your computer and internet at work for personal use, unless it is break time and you have permission. Remember that if you are using company computers or devices, you are allowing people to see what you say, write, search for, and download.