How do you know if Someone is a Friend?

When we first meet people, we are not automatically friends. You are acquaintances.

We may like them or they may like us. We may be friendly to each other—this means we are nice. But that does not really make us friends right away.

Here are some ways to know if someone is really your friend:

  • They have told you that you are their friend and you have told them that, too
  • You spend time doing things together outside of where you first met
  • You call or message each other about what happened that day
  • They have done something nice for you and you have done something nice for them
  • You have helped each other with something
  • They listen when you talk and you listen when they talk
  • They want the best for you, and you want that for them too
  • You trust each other
  • You accept each other
  • You feel safe with each other
  • You take turns
  • You have things in common (you like some of the same things)
  • They invite you to do things and you invite them too
  • You are interested in each other
  • You have a positive influence on each other
  • You like to be around each other
  • They check to see how you are doing and you check on them