Go with the Flow

Healthy relationships are relaxed and safe.

None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. We can’t let every little thing bother us. We need the freedom to be ourselves while also respecting others.

Here are some ways we can go with the flow:

  • Show kindness: Kindness is doing or saying something nice to someone else.
  • No gossiping: Gossiping is talking about someone and sharing something you heard about them, whether or not it is true.
  • No backstabbing: Backstabbing is saying mean things about someone when they are not around.
  • Be honest gently: You can tell the truth in a kind and gentle way.
  • Say “Sorry” if you’ve done something that hurts someone.
  • Say “I forgive you” if someone tells you they are sorry for saying something that hurt your feelings and asks for your forgiveness.
  • Don’t freak out if you aren’t invited to everything all the time.
  • Keep secrets if people trust you enough to tell you something private, you should keep that secret. The only time you should tell another person about a secret is if someone needs help.
  • Don’t send mean or hurtful emails or messages to other people, even if you think they deserve it.