Dignity of Risk

“Many of our best achievements came the hard way. We took risks, fell flat, suffered, picked ourselves up, and tried again. Sometimes we made it and sometimes we did not. Even so, we were given the chance to try. Persons with special needs deserve this chance, too.”

-Robert Perske (1962)

We might not feel good if we ate cake and cookies and drank soda pop at every meal. We might even get really sick. But we have the right to take that risk unless our plan says something else. Just because we have the right, does that mean we should do it?

Take a moment to think about what might happen if we ate like that all of the time.

This is why we have to think about rights, responsibilities, actions, and consequences. As long as we continue to learn, we can get better at making decisions.

We can gain wisdom from experience. We learn from experience and making mistakes. Sometimes we get our feelings hurt and sometimes we risk getting our heart hurt. Lots of people make choices about who to like and love. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want them to but we have the right to try.