Competency is a complicated subject and might mean different things to different people in different places. It can mean a skill, a talent, or the ability to do something well or good enough.

Sometimes professionals might become involved and decide whether or not you are competent, or have the ability to make certain choices or decisions about your life.

Just because you might be determined incompetent, or unable to do some things, it doesn’t mean you are incompetent to make any decisions on your own. You have a right to learn more about your rights and responsibilities.

Issues of guardianship and competency regarding relationships and sexuality are often assumed, misunderstood, and not discussed. A guardian does not have the legal right to prevent someone from having a sexual relationship, just as a guardian cannot legally force someone to have sex with another person. However, a guardian is responsible for promoting the health and wellbeing of their ward, so if it is proven that a particular relationship jeopardizes the health and safety of a ward, there can be preventative measures to deter a particular relationship. Please consult a legal expert for more information.