Parking Lot and Driveway Safety

Parking lots and driveways can be dangerous because cars are moving in and out, and backing up. When drivers are backing up they are supposed to look all around, but sometimes they cannot see a pedestrian.

Here are some ways to be safe in a parking lot or driveway:

  • If you are getting out of a vehicle, make sure to look around to see if any cars are pulling up next to you.
  • Watch carefully, left and right, and forward and backward, for any cars that are backing up while you are walking.
  • If a car is backing up, just wait for them. They may not see you so it is not safe to keep walking.
  • Do not run through the parking lot.
  • Do not stop in the middle of the parking lot to chat with your friends.
  • Walk at a steady pace and keep moving, unless you need to stop for a car.
  • If you are with a caregiver or friend, help each other watch for danger.