Relationships with Staff

Some staff members are very friendly and you will enjoy spending time with them. Other staff members may not be as friendly—they are there to do their job.

It’s important to remember that although you might spend a lot of time with some staff and get to know each other pretty well, they are being paid to help support you to be as independent and healthy as possible.

Sometimes staff leave because they get a different job, move to a new place, or have some type of life event that means they need to stop their current job. If a staff person you like leaves, it does not mean you did anything wrong.

People come and go into each other’s lives. One way to look at this type of change or transition is that we get to meet new people and learn more about ourselves and each other!

The staff has rules they must follow to keep you safe and healthy.

Things staff should NEVER do:

  • Kissing, touching private body parts like breasts, penis, vagina, buttocks, and any other body part that feels uncomfortable to you. If you need help with personal care of these body parts, this should be done by a trained, trusted staff member according to your Individual Service Plan (ISP).
  • Sleeping together or lying down together.
  • Making jokes about body parts.
  • Asking you to show your body parts or talking about body parts unless they are helping you with personal care that is explained in your ISP.
  • Borrowing or lending money or other property.
  • Taking your medication for themselves.
  • Asking you to keep secrets.
  • Telling you to do favors for them, like watch their kids or do their laundry.