Boundaries with Paid Staff

Remember that boundaries are personal rules. You have boundaries and your staff has their own boundaries.

Here are some common boundaries:


Hugging and other touching

You may have some favorite staff members that you hug sometimes. You should talk about hugging staff with your family or service coordinator and set boundaries with staff. You should never kiss or have sex with staff. You should never touch private body parts or show private body parts with staff unless it is necessary for personal care.


Visiting at work

You may have staff to help you at work. You should have a plan for the kind of help they will give you and for how long.


Reading other people’s mail or e-mail

You may choose to share mail or email with staff to get their help. Your staff should not be sharing their personal email or mail with you.


Talking about personal problems

Staff may be helpful with personal information if their job is to help you handle your personal life. Your home support staff may be able to help you with your banking information or give you advice about relationship problems. Your doctor can help with your health problems. Your driver might not have the job of helping you with these things, so you probably won’t share as many details with them.


Accepting or giving a ride

You should only take a ride from someone you know and are supposed to be with, like a family member, a friend, or staff. Your staff is trained on the rules about transportation if they are giving you a ride. This should be explained in your ISP.