How to be Safe with Alcohol

Here are some ways to be safe with alcohol:

  1. If you aren’t sure if a drink has alcohol in it, you can read the label, ask the bartender or server of the restaurant, or ask someone you trust. 
  2. If you are younger than 21 years old, you cannot drink alcohol because it is illegal.
  3. Alcohol can be dangerous if you take some kinds of medication. Talk to your doctor before you drink alcohol if you take medication.
  4. Do not accept alcoholic drinks from strangers.
  5. Pay attention to how much you drink.
  6. Drinking too much alcohol over time can make you sick. You can have problems with your brain, your liver, and your stomach.
  7. Drinking too much can also impact your ability to make decisions. You may make bad choices if you drink too much alcohol.
  8. Alcohol can change your personality and cause you to make decisions you wouldn’t normally make.
  9. Don’t drink alcohol if you are going to drive.
  10. Don’t drink at work or go to work drunk.
  11. Follow the rules and laws about alcohol.