Legal Drugs and Safety

Legal drugs are chemicals that you are allowed to have and use to make you feel better or be healthy. Legal drugs must be used safely according to instructions.

Prescription drugs are drugs that a doctor must order for you. You have to follow the directions for using prescription drugs.

Over the counter drugs are drugs that you can buy without a prescription, like Tylenol and vitamins. You still need to follow the instructions for use of these drugs.

There are ways to be safe and healthy with legal drugs.

You have to follow the directions on the medicine. Some legal drugs can be dangerous if you don’t follow instructions or have a bad reaction to them.

You should not take prescription drugs that belong to someone else or share your prescriptions.

If you need help taking your medications, ask for help. If you have an ISP, follow the plan for medication management. 

If you have a bad reaction to your medicine, or if it doesn’t feel right, tell someone.