Rules and Laws about Weapons

Rules and laws tell us what we can and cannot do. Many rules and laws help to keep people safe. Laws are rules that are written by the government and must be obeyed. Some rules are made by other people in the community, like families, agencies, and business owners.

If people do not obey rules and laws, there are consequences. Consequences are like “getting in trouble.” This is what happens when people do something they aren’t supposed to do. There are also consequences that are more severe, like when people get hurt.

Weapons are things that can be very dangerous if they are not kept and used safely, so there are many very important rules and laws about weapons.

Before you handle, purchase, or use any weapon, you should learn about all of the rules and have someone you trust help to make sure that you understand the rules and laws. It is also very important that you take weapon safety courses offered in your community.